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Sugar Hill Primary School

'Learning and Growing Together'


Character Education and Gem Powers

Character Education at Sugar Hill is a whole school initiative to instil character in pupils and to help young people do better at school and develop their character, including values such as self-confidence, respect and leadership. Schools are required to develop and build character, resilience and grit in their pupils. Schools need to focus on developing well rounded pupils prepared for life in modern Britain.

At Sugar Hill we consider the Building Blocks of Character

A: altruism - including helping others through volunteering, understanding how their behaviour affects others, helping out and home and in the classroom

B: bounce back - learning from your mistakes, developing grit and determination, overcoming failure and trying again

C: comfort zone busting - trying out new activities in unfamiliar environments, collaborating with pupils from other schools, working with new people

D: destination - establishing high aspirations and doing well at school, setting goals and understanding how to get there, developing links with employers, achieving qualifications and skills beyond the classroom

Main Objectives of Character Education at Sugar Hill are;

Perseverance, Resilience and Grit

Confidence and Optimism

Motivation, Drive and Ambition

Neighbourliness and Community Spirit

Tolerance and Respect

Honesty, Integrity and Dignity

Conscientiousness, Curiosity and Focus

Across the whole school we consider these objectives to school life by discussing with the children the following.

In our classes we consider;

What makes a good character?

Eg: Honesty, Integrity and Dignity :

I will always tell the truth

I will always follow the school rules

Eg: Conscientiousness, Curiosity and Focus

I will always try my best

I will always listen in class

I will not distract others from working

Building Blocks of Good Character

A – Altruism (I think about how my behaviour affects others)

I will always follow schools rules

I will always treat people nicely

B – Bounce back

I will always try my best

I will not give up when things get tricky

I will keep on trying

Are you ready to demonstrate your ‘Learning Powers’ and ‘Sparkle like a Gemstone?’

At Sugar Hill Primary we use the ‘Gem Project’ which was introduced by Dr Tom Robson when he visited our school January 2017. It centres around seven gems, which link with learning powers. These powers help children become independent and life-long learners and link closely with ‘Building Learning Power’ and ‘Character Education’. Gems are awarded to class treasure pots for children who sparkle. When following this project children are involved in learning all about the different learning powers and earning gems. 

Emerald Power

When we demonstrate Emerald Power we are brave and happy to have a go, correcting a mistake without getting upset and showing ‘bouncebackability’ by bouncing back a number of times without getting frustrated.

Diamond Power

When we demonstrate Diamond Power we can say what problems we are having, ask questions (what, why, how, which, where…. do you think…) about our problems with our partners and we can think of ways of solving our problems without asking adults.

Ruby Power  

When we demonstrate Ruby Power we can make someone else feel great because we have put new ideas into our head by listening to others, asked questions to help others think, helped others get a new idea into their head and understood how others feel when they are learning.

Sapphire Power

When we demonstrate Sapphire Power we are able to get on with our learning even when there are lots of things to distract us.

Amethyst Power

When we demonstrate Amethyst Power we are happy to talk to others and explain our ideas, listen to each other, share what we think with our partner so we have the same ideas, check to make sure we both have the same ideas in our head and know what our partners might be feeling.

Topaz Power

When we demonstrate Topaz Power we know when it’s best to work in larger groups (three or more), take turns to share ideas, ask each other questions so we know our ideas have gone into each other’s heads, made sure if someone needs help with an idea we give them ours.

Pearl Power

When we demonstrate Pearl Power we will always tell the truth, even if we think it will get us into trouble.