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Sugar Hill Primary School

'Learning and Growing Together'



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Survey/Parent/Carer Questionnaire Results (93 RETURNS)



Children awarded Sugar Hill a mark out of ten with 10/10 being the best school ever!                           
























Would your child recommend Sugar Hill to a friend?    Yes     93 pupils             No    0 pupils

Some children added their personal reasons for recommending Sugar Hill to friends who attend other schools

Yes, because you will have more friends in school

Yes, because the teachers are nice

Yes, because children are well cared for

Yes, because I like my teachers

Yes, because the teachers are helpful and are nice people

Yes, because this is a lot better than my old school and I feel sorry for my old friends

Yes, for more support from friends

Yes, because the teachers are friendly

Yes, because you make lots of friends

Yes, because we have a Reward Room

Yes. because the teachers are good

Yes, because it is a nice school with lovely teachers

Yes, because I learn lots and I get to play with my friends

Yes, because I like playing outside and inside the school

Yes, because it is fun and educational

Yes, because it is a good school

Yes, because school is fun and you get to do computers and science

Yes, because I love ‘Fun Friday’

Yes, because it is a really good school

Yes, because I really enjoy school and like my teachers

Yes, because it is a good school

Yes, because we get a great education and it is a fun school

Yes, because the teachers look after you and make sure you are safe

Yes, because it is a good school

Yes, because there are good teachers there

Yes, because it is a very nice school with lovely teachers

Yes, because I love school

Yes, because I am very happy at Sugar Hill and I love coming to school

Yes, because it is a friendly school

Yes, because the staff care about me and teach me well and take no nonsense

Yes, because all of my teachers are nice

Yes, because it is a fun place to be

Yes, because we do good work

Yes, because it is the ‘bestest’ school ever!

Yes, because we have train tracks and because it just is!

Yes, because it is a great school

Yes, because it is a great school with great teachers

Yes, because it is the best school ever!

Yes, because of Breakfast Club and going in early for Mental Maths

Yes, because it is a nice school and we have lovely teachers

Yes, because it is the ‘bestest’ school ever and no other school could be better!

Yes, because it is really good and the teachers are really nice

Yes, because it has good teachers and good lessons

Yes, because it is fun

Yes, because it is a good school and nobody bothers me

Yes, because I really enjoy school and we get extra breaks when we are good

Yes, because it is a lovely school

Yes, because it is a welcoming school

Yes, because it is the best school in the world!

Yes, because we get educated well and it is a happy place to be!

Yes, because I think it is amazing!

Yes, because it is a good school and fun!

Yes, because of friendly teachers and friends

Yes, because we learn lots of things

Yes, because it is fun and the teachers are brilliant

Yes, because Sugar Hill is very nice

Yes, because I like playtimes and Art

Yes, because the teachers are friendly

Yes, because I love school

Yes, because it is a fun place to learn

Yes, because it is a good school and the teachers are nice

Yes, because it is a perfect school and has great staff

Yes, because it has good science lessons

Yes, because it’s fun

Yes, because of lovely teachers

Yes, because it’s good

Yes, because I like the toys, the smileys and prizes

Yes, because of Golden Time in classes is great and winning Star of the Week

Yes, because I like Sugar Hill- it’s the best!

Yes, because school is the best!

Yes, because it’s really fun!


93 Responses

Strongly Agree


Neither agree or disagree


Strongly Disagree

My child is happy at Sugar Hill






My child feels safe at Sugar Hill






My child is making good progress at Sugar Hill






My child is well looked after by school staff






My child is taught well






My child receives appropriate homework






Sugar Hill staff promote worthwhile attitudes and values






Sugar Hill staff do all they can to ensure children are well behaved






Sugar Hill staff deal effectively with behaviour issues






Sugar Hill is well led and managed by the School Leadership Team






Sugar Hill staff always listen and respond well to any concerns I raise






Sugar Hill is good at providing extra support for pupils when required






I felt well supported when my child joined Sugar Hill






I felt well supported when my child last changed year group (due to ‘Transition Week’ July 2016)








Sugar Hill is a welcoming school






Overall Sugar Hill is a happy school






Sugar Hill is highly thought of in the community






I would recommend this school to other parents






Further comments about what we do well

Sugar Hill provides excellent support to children of all abilities to help them achieve good grades

Very welcoming school. My children are very happy at Sugar Hill. Thank you.

Very supportive with all concerns no matter how small. I have noticed a change year on year with my child, his confidence continues to grow and I believe this is due to the support he receives.

We have seen good development in our child. Noticeably impeccable behaviour of the pupils, both in school during my visits and also outside school whilst being collected by parents.

Sugar Hill is an extremely well led school with some EXCELLENT teaching staff.

Very friendly, approachable and supportive, happy staff.

All of the school staff are supportive and approachable.

The school staff are excellent.

The staff strives to ensure all children achieve their full potential. Good at listening to parents’ views and acting upon them. Good communication between teachers regarding important issues. Stay and Play sessions. Good parent/teacher involvement.

My daughter doesn’t usually settle well with change and I was worried but her teacher has made this a happy experience.

It is a wonderful school, wonderful staff and my child loves it! Sugar Hill is by far the best school. The staff do a fantastic job, the children are well looked after and are taught to a very high standard.

Both my children are very happy, staff are helpful and ensure my children are making progress.

Excellent educational system provided by excellent teachers who make education fun.

You are just so lovely to the pupils.

Planners are kept up to date.

Progress is brilliant; staff are very friendly and helpful.

The Head/Deputy Head are accessible for any issues and are easy to talk to. Reception staff are lovely!

My son is struggling with his spellings, however, the school do appear to be trying to resolve the issues.

Mrs Atkinson-Jones is a credit to the school. (Our Social Learning Mentor)

A brilliant school all round!

My son really enjoys going to school and is always happy, teachers and staff are always welcoming!

Great reward system for well behaved children.

Approachable staff.

Lovely friendly staff.

Have lovely support from staff.

It is a great school.

Very helpful and approachable staff who go out of their way to help.

Sugar Hill staff are the best. I have visited other schools and they don’t come close. We as a family feel cared about by the staff and I know they are wonderful with my little one.

My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting and that is because the staff are great at what they do; nothing is ever a problem. They are always so helpful and wanting the best for your child.

My children have been very happy here and have had good support and progressed well with their learning

Promote regular reading and spelling

Great staff, good teaching, lovely environment

I have never had any problems with the school

I already have and will keep on recommending Sugar Hill- it’s a great school. My children love going here. Love the planners-it keeps us in contact. Love the Reward Systems, our daughter strives to win ‘Star of the Week’.

Even though our daughter’s needs are high she is still thriving within school due to the dedication and support of all the staff

Our daughter has thrived over the last four years and any concerns have been dealt with straight away. Staff are all very caring and easy to talk to.


Further comments about what we should improve on

Nothing whatsoever!

I would love to see a school nativity every year.

Make sure there are sufficient hot meals for everyone as well as cold options.

The time it takes for ordered uniform to arrive.

Giving more notice of events-sometimes it’s hard to get to some as I work full time.

Being able to communicate with teachers a little more, sometimes I think homework is a bit much

Stop keeping children in to read!

More After School Clubs- even if we have to pay

I feel that sometimes they get too much homework

Lots of meetings during school day, when parents both work full time it’s difficult to attend during school hours

Would love to see more After School Clubs- some schools do clubs until 6pm with a meal

One parent mentioned disagreeing with parents not being allowed on to the junior yard on a morning and that this should be the parents’ choice.

To clarify for all parents/carers

When the children are in our Key Stage 2 department (Year 3 onwards) we strongly encourage them to be more independent and to leave parents/carers at the green gate and then be supervised by school staff on the yard and walking through the black gate to the yard. This measure helps us to safeguard your children before school as the only adults on the yard are school staff. We do and can put alternative arrangements in place for individual children who may struggle with this and this is discussed with class teachers and Senior Staff on a 1:1 basis.

Ofsted have an official site for parents to leave their views about their child's school. If you would like to submit your views to this site it can be accessed by this link Parent View

If you would like to submit your views via parent view online please click on this link.



In September 2015 we sent out a Parent/Carer Questionnaire asking the questions below. This term we re-issued the questionnaire for parent/carer feedback as we draw to the end of this academic year. The results below are the percentage responses from 91 returned questionnaires.

Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

My child is happy at Sugar Hill





My child feels safe at Sugar Hill





My child is making good progress at Sugar Hill





My child is well looked after at Sugar Hill





My child receives appropriate homework for their age





Sugar Hill staff promote worthwhile attitudes and values





Sugar Hill staff do all they can to ensure children are well behaved





Sugar Hill staff deal effectively with behaviour issues





Sugar Hill is well led and managed by the School Leaders





Sugar Hill staff always listen and respond well to any concerns I raise





Sugar Hill is good at providing extra support for pupils when required





Sugar Hill is a welcoming school





Overall Sugar Hill is a happy school





Sugar Hill is highly thought of in the community





Parent Satisfaction Survey 2015-2016 parents/carers commented on 'What we do well'- we hope this gives you a flavour of our school from the eyes of our parents and carers....

The school is safe and has friendly and welcoming teachers. Support is always there if and when needed.
The planner was a great idea, helps us with organisation and keeping teachers up to date.
Both my kids are at this school and they really like this school.
My child changed here from another school and has been very well supported including her possible additional needs which are being addressed. Just want to say thank you to Mrs X and Mrs Y for an excellent meeting last Friday. Both my husband and I feel like our child’s issues are going to be addressed in this school.
I have been supported throughout the school from when my child started.
Children are happy.
Staff are friendly.
My child has become a confident and well mannered child with the help of Sugar Hill.
I’ve had support when needed.
Very supportive staff on all issues. My child is happy at this school.
My child is really happy here and that’s one of the most important things.
Keeping parents informed of anything that they may need to know about their child.
My child was struggling but the staff reassured her in all aspects and she has now settled well.
It is a very happy school.
I am very happy with my child’s progress. He is also very happy at Sugar Hill.
Out of school activities are good.
Excellent teachers, lots of support when needed.
I feel that the teachers listen to any concerns that have been raised and act on any issues needed. Very friendly staff who have made appointments around my work.
My son has got so much more confidence since starting.
My child has progressed really well with reading and writing since going into Year 1.
Communicate with parents and make them feel involved in school life.
My child is settled in Sugar Hill. He enjoys attending and learning.
My child is happy.
My child has gained in confidence since joining Sugar Hill.
The staff are friendly and make your children feel welcome and understand the work they do.
My child thinks it is brilliant and is very happy at Sugar Hill.
My child is very happy with everything at the moment.
Very friendly and welcoming staff. Lovely environment. My son is very happy here and learns lots of different things.
Good teaching.
Approachable staff.
Great school, friendly atmosphere.
Good staff retained.
My child has come a long way with Sugar Hill. I would advise any parent to send their child to Sugar Hill.
Very good school.
The school is one of the best!
All my children are happy and achieving at Sugar Hill School. All of the teachers go that extra mile to educate and support children at Sugar Hill.
I believe my daughters have become the people they are today with the help of the school, outstanding from the start. The teachers put in so much work and even though the curriculum has changed again they still give 110%. Thank you!
A very good school and lovely teachers who are always happy to help.
My daughters have loved being part of the Sugar Hill ‘family’.
I feel my child is very happy at school.
Because both of my children go to Sugar Hill and they are happy.
Staff so helpful and friendly.
A great school. Always felt supported and well informed.
Yes I feel the school gives individual attention to each child when they are struggling with homework etc.
Sugar Hill is overall a great school.
My son left Sugar Hill to go to Woodham Academy a much better and well educated child.
My daughter joined Sugar Hill in 2014 and loves school.
All my children have attended and I am happy overall.
Breakfast Club on a morning and working with parents on achieving results.
Because my son likes to go to school and has come on loads with writing.
It’s an excellent school. Staff are so friendly. You do everything well-all the staff are great.
I like how each child is taught as an individual.
The teachers are all friendly and in turn that makes the children at ease and happy to go to school.
I find the diverse range of out of hours clubs particularly interesting and beneficial. The office staff are very approachable as is the caretaker.
All of the staff that have worked with my son have helped develop him in so many ways and really improved his confidence as when he started Sugar Hill he lacked self-esteem.
The nursery is a really lovely environment. Has a really nice vibe and typical school feel which is nostalgic! My son has only been at Sugar Hill a short time but so far it seems you keep parents informed.
Overall I have been happy with the school so far and most importantly my little girl has been happy to go to school.

It's lovely to receive such positive comments. We are always thinking of new ways to improve our school so in this survey we asked parents to indicate any areas they feel we can improve. One area that several parents mentioned was the gate to the Key Stage 1 yard. Parents will be pleased to know we had already identified this as a concern and this work has now been completed.

Several parents mentioned not being able to clearly see their child come out of school on a night as a lot of adults stand near the railings next to the Key Stage 1 door. Please stand back from the railings to allow parents and carers to spread out on the yard . This will allow all parents and carers to see their child/ren as they come out of the door.

Some parents mentioned issues with homework. Please speak with your child's class teacher if this is an issue for your child/ren.

Thank you to Year 1 parents who have returned Early Years Questionnaires- once again we are delighted to share with you some lovely comments

Friendly atmosphere and approachable staff, nice to see children's work on walls.

Open set up, large space for the children.

Staff are very approachable.

All staff were friendly and approachable.

Early Years is a bright and happy learning environment for all children.

My child said it was 'awesome' and 'the garden/mud kitchen were the best!'

Very welcoming atmosphere. Staff are friendly and approachable. The topics that were covered all seemed to interest my child especially when the 'tiger' came and messed up the classroom.

The classrooms were always colourful.

My child was always happy and enthusiastic, always excited to go to school. Her reading, writing and numeracy has greatly improved. Thank you!

There was plenty of different areas and sections to deal with different needs.

My child really enjoyed using the iPads and showing others how to use them. She loved painting flowers and especially enjoyed the Summer Fayre.

Stay and Play sessions are a great idea-it's lovely to see the school in action!


Stay and Play Sessions in Nursery November 2015

We really enjoyed seeing our daughter play in nursery and so glad we got the chance to see what she gets up to. We also enjoyed playing with her.

I had a lovely time in nursery playing with my son. I enjoyed looking through his file and seeing what he has done.

I enjoyed coming to play with my son in nursery.

I was very happy to see my daughter playing and interacting with her friends. It was also great to see her progress through nursery and to see how she can progress further, with fantastic help from the staff.

I am very happy with my daughter's progress in nursery. I will work on letter formation and writing her name at home.

Lovely to see the progress that our son has made since first starting nursery. I'm pleased that he has started mixing well with other children. Nursery staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. He enjoys coming to nursery and staff provide plenty of play and learning opportunities.

I enjoyed being able to visit my daughter in nursery and share what she likes to do.

I really enjoyed visiting the nursery today. It was lovely to see how well my daughter was settled and that she has made new friends. It was good seeing all the photographs and all the activities she has been taking part in.

It was lovely to be able to come and see my son play. He loved showing me his favourite things. It was very useful to be able to speak to the teacher about his development. Lovely idea for a parents' morning.

I really enjoyed coming in and spending time with my daughter and the other children. What a lovely nursery it is!

I'm happy with the nursery and with how well my son has settled in and settled down since starting here. He enjoys coming to nursery.

My daughter loves coming to Sugar Hill Nursery. She is learning and changing all the time. She has become so much more independent. All the staff are very helpful. Thank you.

Sugar Hill is a great nursery- wouldn't put him anywhere else! Staff have been very comforting with my concerns.

Today I came to see my son in nursery. I watched him colour an egg for Humpty Dumpty. I observed him mixing with the other children in the sand. Then he read me a story. He had read the book before so he knew he had to play hide and seek at the end.

The Nursery has helped my son in all ways to help him settle in so I personally don't think the Nursery need to do anymore than they do to help children settle.



Comments from parents and carers about what we do well....

I feel my children's well-being has been a great positive since joining Sugar Hill- there is more emphasis on the child rather than results driven!

My child responds well to reward schemes such as the reward room.

The guitar lessons are a fabulous addition to the curriculum and very affordable.

Thank you for all your are doing. Both of my daughters have loved this school.

Promote learning through play.

You get the students involved in fundraising and ideas to make things sell at your stalls. It is nice for students to go on educational trips as this not only teaches them how to behave in public and represent the school, but to have a more hands on visual approach to what they are learning about in class.

Expecting high achievement for all pupils and extending learning.

Dealing with all issues and keeping parents/carers informed of this.

In the short time my son has attended school he seems to be doing so much already. It's fab!

Staff are always at hand when in need of help.

Always put the care of the child first.

Everything! It is an honour to have my children at Sugar Hill!

Staff are very supportive and understanding.

Superb staff to contend with my son's issues.

Friendly approachable staff. Good reading ethos. Multiple activities on offer, themed days, charity events etc. First class!

I cannot praise the teachers and staff at Sugar Hill highly enough! Always warm and friendly and fantastic with our children. Have been there for us as a family when needed. Thank you!

Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed being at this school.

I cannot praise the teachers and staff of Sugar Hill highly enough. They have been there for us as a family on a number of occasions when we needed help at difficult times. Thank you.

Very good at keeping parents involved. Thank you!

Lovely school that works hard to educate the children well and keep a safe and happy environment.

Communication between staff and parents is really good. I always feel comfortable talking to teachers about anything and feel confident that my child is safe at school. I love being able to get involved with school activities like helping with the Reception Garden- it gives a real feeling of community!

Mrs XXXX, Miss XXX are great! Also Mrs XXXXXX. They always listen to concerns I have.

From Nursery to Reception, staff have been vigilant in their support and care of my son especially in regards to his continuous testing of his eyesight.

Good communication to parents about school events and issues. Love the interactive sessions where I can come and join in to see what my son has been learning.

My child loves coming to school as this is shown by what she talks about at home. She is happy and loves learning. Thanks to all the work you guys put in, you give all your time and dedication to the children and this is fantastic.

Overall my son is educated very well but is also nurtured and cared for when needed. My oldest son had a superb experience of Primary Education at Sugar Hill and my youngest continues to have just as good an experience now. On one occasion when my son was very upset the office staff went above and beyond what would ever be expected as did his class Support Assistant - so, so kind understanding and caring. I really can't think of anything which could improve my child's experience- I always support Sugar Hill and have highly recommended it to my friends who are just starting their families.

Breakfast Club- fab!

Planners- good communication source.

Guitar lessons.

Summer Fayres.

Parent sessions in school.

Christmas Shows.

We moved our son from another school to Sugar Hill when he was in Reception. He has come on in confidence and his social development has excelled. The school and staff provide a positive learning environment. Parents are truly supported and any concerns listened to. Action is always taken when necessary.

I believe the learning activities within class are impressive and I have enjoyed incorporating these learning skills at home. I agree the standard of homework is accurate for year groups and I can personally see my child's improvement. My daughter is always happy and never has a bad word to say about school.

Lots of varied and exciting events going on throughout the year keeping the children engaged and parents involved. Great reminders of things going on too-extremely helpful. As parents we have been ecstatic with how well our little girl has settled in to joining school. We believe it is the well organised, structured and welcoming approach from all which has made this possible. Thank you to all at Sugar Hill. We love this school! 

Communication with parents is great. In the short weeks she has attended Sugar Hill she has come on leaps and bounds and has a different variety of lessons/subjects throughout the week to keep her brain ticking. School trip and having chicks at the school for the children. The app allows me to keep up to date with all activities etc and the school holds many parents and child days or get together meetings for parents i.e.the coffee meet. My child is very happy here and I would, without doubt, bring my other children to Sugar Hill if I was to have more. 

My son is in his last year at Sugar Hill and I will be sad to see him leave. My daughter has joined Reception and I'm sure she will be as happy at Sugar Hill and thrive. The school uses all opportunities for learning whether planned, chance or through curriculum. The teachers show enthusiasm and there is a culture of togetherness and commitment which is felt when interacting with office staff and teachers. I couldn't praise Sugar Hill enough! 

Some parents/carers pointed out some things they feel we should improve on...

School meals, sometime my child comes home and says he is hungry as there was not any lunch left that he liked and he had to go for the other option (Taylor Shaw provide lunches and we regularly meet with the Service Manager)

Infant Entrance KS1 often congested on a morning caused by parents blocking doorway and ramped entrance. This restricts access for children to doorway and classes. (We agree! Please can all parents/carers stand back from the ramped entrance. We have asked parents/carers to do this and it does pose a Health and Safety risk for the children) 

Maybe more allowances for working parents with such things at stay and play days and parents' meetings etc. Giving more notice or one evening where they could attend after work. (If you are a working parent and this causes a problem for you please speak to us so we can make alternative arrangements to meet. Lots of parents do this already. If attending school is a problem for any parent/carer there is always the opportunity to have a telephone meeting at a mutually convenient time) 

Less letters. I understand the need to communicate with parents but there is often a lot of letters to go through with many different at home activities. Again, I know this is important but both parents work and it is sometimes a struggle. 

More communication between parents and teachers. A monthly five minute chat to ensure children are doing well and what can be done at home (more reading etc). 

More after school activities and additions to the school curriculum e.g. learning more languages.

To have a Christmas Fayre to raise money from school funds. 

More notice for school events and more opportunities for working parents to attend school events. 

Earlier supervision from school staff on the school yard and access to more play equipment before the start of the school day.